CompactPCI was originally released at the end of 1995 as the PICMG 2.0 standard, a card and system transmission specification based on PCI signals. CompactPCI is a combination of blade modules and backplanes for industrial computers. It uses the Eurocard circuit board standard and is available in 3U and 6U sizes. CompactPCI was originally designed to support the PCI signal protocol, but through practical application-centric considerations and backplane development technology, many systems implement switching Ethernet on the backplane to replace the original standard PCI interface to increase transmission speed.

Arria V GX FPGA development board Programmable user IO interface Onboard 256MB D....
MIES-SC4863 , 19" 2U high, up to 4 slots 6U CompactPCI blade 2 x PICMG 2.11 PSU.
MIES-SC4863 , 19" 4U high, up to 8 slots 6U CompactPCI blade 3 x PICMG 2.11 PSU.