Advanced MiT Solutions Provider

Advanced MiT Solutions

We supply our clients with ideal solutions in the vertical markets of Military/ Defense, Industry and Telematics.

Multi-Function Console Radar
Information System
Unmanned Indicator Board
Navy Vessel Monitor
Missile Arithmetic Unit
Food and Beverage
Automotive Industry
Energy Industry
Power Plant
Oil and Gas
Public Transportation
Forestry & Agriculture
Logistics & Warehousing
Fleet Management

MiTwell has professional manpower, advanced technology, rich knowledge, and a full range of services!
If you have any needs, please contact us, we will try our best to help you complete the task!

Professional MiT Services

MiTwell provides design, manufacture, integration, validation and consulting services.


With our strong R&D team and rich experiences in project management,
MiTwell is able to provide the design service to our clients, from board level to system level.


The production lines of MiTwell are located in Shulin and Tucheng, Taiwan.
With the made-in-Taiwan advantage, we are providing our clients the best quality with competitive costs.


With the own system assembly line, chassis production line and know-how of system integration,
MiTwell provides the professional integration service for our customers.