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Specialize in Module Design

With the advance of science and technology, new technologies are nowadays more easily and widely found in Telematics field which brings conveniences into our daily life. In between the Telematics field from heavy vehicle system to handheld devices, there is a trend of turning lighter and smarter, as well to support multiple display outputs. Mitwell as a telematics solution provider, we developed two standard product lines as Qseven and SMARC.

Qseven emphasizes on its multiple interfaces support within a compact size (70x70mm) and low power consumption limitation. The features enabled system integrator to build powerful but fan-less system/handheld device in a compact size with long battery life support. 

SMARC as another small standard form factor, emphasized not only concepts from Qseven, but also added with more field buses (i.e. LAN/USB/CANbus/UART/GPIO) and triple display outputs that can bring advantages to applications for examples in public transportation as well as in-vehicle infotainment, public info systems, advertising system and so on

Specialize in System Design

Whether the first time uses our product or not. Based on Mitwell experience for platform computing foundation, we can provide you a perfect systematically solutions. Mitwell can support board design, the module with the system, system radiating, and power supply design. If you have any question with the process of product manufacturing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can explain the whole process from design to verification step by step.

Mitwell’s systematic design solution is your best choice.

Specialize in Extraordinary Telematics and Transportation Design

Mitwell’s products can be used in different areas, such as transport, transmission of data, positioning links, resource control, and even the combination of traditional industries, in order to increase the capacity of traditional industries. If products want to be used in the vehicle, must pass certain safety regulations and certified. We have much experience in this way. When we design we will aim to pass certain safety regulations and certified, such as ISO 16750, ISO 7637, railway certification EN50121, EN50121. In the future, we will continue to assist the relevant vehicle regulatory certification.

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